Sunday, May 18, 2008

1. John Lennon - Imagine

Found on: Imagine (1971)

If seculars and agnostics and atheists gathered once a week and had fellowship and sang songs, this would be the first one in the hymn book.


alan said...

As I was reading your comments I thought: 1. I support every one of his choices (and you reference a few songs I don't know, even cooler) and 2. What insightful and articulate commentary! If this guy doesn't write for a living he's missing an opportunity.

Then I read your profile and it all became clear. Powerful music, lyrical commentary. It was an unexpected joy to read something so well composed on the internet.

Thank you for an enjoyable break in my routine.

オテモヤン said...


Ben said...

Arguably the greatest song of the 20th century.

Mike said...

This is one of my favorite John Lennon songs.

Anonymous said...

john lennon is gay!

Anonymous said...

Number one of the decade, absurd view, almost certainly propogated by one of the usual suspects.

Actually its hypocritical bs, multi multi millionaire singing about no possessions.

Its trite rubbish, and a cant that if it were espousing other views you would all despise with a vengeance.

But since atheists have nothing better they all come on and pronounce it as being an all time great.

In fact Lennon alone penned dozens of better songs.

A load of internet trolls will now red arrow what I'm saying, but if you can't handle the truth and only want to live life in denial then please yourself.

Anonymous said...

My favorite band is the Beatles and John is my fav Beatle, not because of looks but because he had the guts to speak, write, and sing about things that most of us think about but don't have the courage to say..and I do believe, but what person doesn't really "Imagine" the things that he's singing about. Food for Thought I guess. One thing about the comment made about his possessions? For one, came from humble background, the other is he worked hard for what he had and shared with others. Possessions aren't just materialistic. We possess such things as freedom..imagine if we didn't? Thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The great song of liberal hypocrisy—

Mick said...

He's done better but this certainly one of the greats.

Anonymous said...

'Imagine' has a lot of actual truth to it. It is easily my favorite John Lennon song. 'Imagine there's no heaven, it easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only sky'...There actually is no firey hell below us. God's Word, the Bible tells us that hell is simply a place of concealment where all people go when they die- good and bad-awaiting a resurrection to life again. 'Above us', though,is Jehovah's place of dwelling, the heavens.

Chris said...

There were a lot of songs on here that I was happy that you included, but I'm not sure why you picked the pretender and doctor my eyes over running on empty for Jackson Browne. It also blows my mind that Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty wasn't on here.

Anonymous said...

As a huge fan of the 70's music era, I applaud your choices and commentary on each song. Of course my list and order would be different but kudos on a great list.

Anonymous said...

There isn't a god, a fact the world is waking up to. You're either old enough to cling to your blind sheephood till death or young enough to become an atheist eventually. Get with it man

Mr Sir said...

I grew up the 70's, my top 3 are Fly like an eagle, Rock on and Driver's seat