Tuesday, May 13, 2008

32. Billy Joel - She's Always a Woman

Found on: The Stranger (1977)
Picked by: SB, EV

By rights, Billy Joel could have about 1/7 of this list to himself (6 songs alone from The Stranger are worthy), but She's Always a Woman won the most votes. The song comes on like a love ballad, but is really an unflattering portrait of a frustrating lady (she steals, lies, is never satisfied, etc.). Is the title phrase an indication of misogyny (i.e all women are like this), or is he saying he loves her despite her faults? You decide.


Anonymous said...

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John said...

This is 1 of his BEST songs....I agree,but I think HONESTY is some very EXCEPTIONAL song-writing.This song applies to EVERYDAY LIFE and the WORLD that we all live in.EVERYBODY should listen to this song and I'm pretty sure they could all RELATE to it in some form.The YOUNGER generation of TODAY that wasn't even born or around then...should really listen to this one.

Anonymous said...

Best song on that album is Vienna ... applies to every under 30 person on the planet. Amazing song writer.