Tuesday, May 13, 2008

34. Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run

Found on: Born to Run (1975)
Picked by: PA, RN

Can you believe this was '75?! We've come to think of Springsteen as such an '80s phenomenon, but consider that disco and punk hadn't even come along yet when Born To Run was released! It's weird to me. Anyway, even though this is a song written to a Wendy (my soon-to-be wife), Born To Run is really all about the music, especially Clarance Clemons' sax and David Sancious' piano.


Anonymous said...

should be #1

Anonymous said...

And I think his previous LP is even better (The Wild, the Innocent, . . .) it is funkier and more varied -
Incident on 57th St. is my fave of his

Allan said...

The fact that this classic is 34 and garbage like "Summer Breeze" is in the top 10 just proves that this is a bogus list.