Sunday, May 18, 2008

9. Commodores - Easy

Found on: Commodores (1977)

It's time to recognize Lionel Richie as the king of bridges. His bridges are almost always like separate little songs, with distinct melodies. In this case it's the "I wanna be high / So high..." part. Anyway, this song is a little bit conflicted, because he's basically telling everyone to let him be, but why would a person who's as "easy as Sunday morning" be so stand-offish?


Mike said...

I don't think he's conflicted at all. He's not telling EVERYONE to leave him alone. He's telling his GIRLFRIEND that he's done with her bad treatment and is dumping her and he's easy and calm about it. The whole song is how he wants to be free from this girlfriend or wife (he doesn't specify if its a wife or girlfriend). "Why in the world would anyone put chains on me?" makes this pretty clear in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

g hey i love the 70s